First, thank you for trying Fundae Soles. We hope they bring you joy (and fun)!

Just like the anticipation of waiting to open presents on Christmas morning, we hope waiting for your unique creation of Fundaes will be exciting and always be worth the wait. Good things are worth waiting for!

We will try to answer some basic questions here, however please always reach out to our excellent team of customer happiness agents (link contact us)

Here’s the scoop on our most commonly asked questions, but please reach to our cherry good support team with any additional questions, thoughts, or compliments! (


You should receive 3 emails, the first is your confirmation email. This confirms we have successfully received your order details.

Next, you will receive an order update of the progress while your custom Fundaes are being made. 

Lastly, you will receive a further email when your order is on the way and will include a tracking number. 

If you have not received an order confirmation email, please reach out to us at

We follow the rule of thirds, each order generates 3 emails for status tracking.

Email #1 is your confirmation

Email #2 is an order update of our progress while your custom Fundaes are being made

Email #3 is your order tracking number after it’s shipped

Turnaround and delivery times vary, but if you have not received an order confirmation email, please reach out to us at

It’s possible items were shipped separately or accidently ordered incorrectly. Please check your order and shipment receipt. If the rest of the order is coming separately, it will say so on the invoice.

If you do have an item missing from your order, you can contact us and we'll be able to look into this further for you.

Every order should be molto bene, not missing bene.

If an item is missing from your order, check your confirmation email to see if items were shipped separately or accidentally ordered incorrectly.

If an item is confirmed missing, contact us and we’ll investigate!

If you no longer want your Fundaes, then yes, you can cancel your order. If the order has not shipped your payment will be refunded automatically. However, if your order has already processed to shipping, you will need to return the shipment to receive a refund. 

Yes! If your order has not shipped, then your payment will be refunded automatically. 

For items that have shipped, they can be mailed back for a refund.

Yes, we love to provide more Fundaes for you. Add more shoes or toppings, we love it and will try to get it shipped with original order to be eco friendly. If the order has already shipped, we will need to process a new order. Contact customer care if you need help and we can honor original eligible promotions, etc.

If you’re ready for seconds (or thirds, we don’t judge!), you can add an extra scoop of shoes or toppings to ship with your original order to conserve on shipping and environmental costs!

If your original order has shipped, we can start a new order while honoring original promotions after contact with our team.

At Fundae, we believe all flavors, cones, toppings, should come in every style and colors beyond the rainbow. Mother Nature made the world beautiful with colors and seasons. We celebrate you, our diversity and your unique style.

In fact, if you don’t see your style, your size, your flavor, we want to know so we can do our best to mix the ingredients that make you, YOU, into our next collections. Share here (