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Sweet as a Sundae

Why Compromise Cute for Conscious?

Introducing Chocolate Chip

Modern Twists on Classic Flavors & Styles

Calling All Sweet Tooths & Chocoholics
Inspired By The Dancer In All Of Us
Introducing A New Way to Shop

Indulge in sweet style with Fundae Soles – where fashion meets flavor! Design your own unique shoes inspired by delectable ice cream sundaes. Our custom footwear is not only a treat for your feet but also for the planet, crafted from plant-based materials for a guilt-free stride.

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Á La Mode

Paired With Toppings- Best for grabbing the latest looks on the fly and still being fly! Our colorists, stylists, and fashionistas use their fashion talents and intuitive sense of color to scoop the perfect toppings on a variety of styles for you to easily click, buy and rock to your own beat and feet. No more feeling like a drip. Lick that to the Curb and load up on A La Mode Hassle Free High Fashion with fresh Looks Coming to You Each Month To Be Trendsetter.

Á La Carte

Fun and Easy as making an Ice Cream Sundae. A Treat for your Feet! Feed that Inner Designer and curate your own look. Our hybrid bespoke model provides a variety of classic and modern styles that you can choose your cone/heel, flavor/color and then top her off with plenty of toppings for your custom limitless looks!

Design Your Shoe

Conscious Design

Protecting Our Planet

As a brand founded on sustainable beliefs, we take seriously and choose carefully every ingredient in all of our products. Each pair of Fundae Soles provides multi-use, interchangeable and reusable looks per pair. Seeking to cut down on consumption which will help eliminate fast fashion waste and appeal to socially conscious consumers.

Our Purpose

Heeling & Healing

Designed to support and empower women. Born out of passion and persistence, the founder’s vision is to create beautiful and stylish sustainable products that celebrate our individuality all while giving back to women in need.

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How We Give

Heeling & Healing

Soles Uplifting Souls

A portion of every purchase will be given to organizations helping women in need. Learn more and give with us.