Striving to be as Transparent as a Glass Slipper

      Just like food, we want you to know exactly what you’re investing in and why your purchase matters.

      Plant Based Ingredients

      Wine Grapes

      Nothing to whine about here! Step into style with shoes made from WINE GRAPES and feel good about your fashion choices! 🍇👠

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      Let's uncork the FUN! Rock unstoppable, eye-catching fashion made from CORK! 🍾👀

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      Embrace the corniness! Especially when your stunning shoes are made from corn! 🌽👠

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      Ocean Conscious Ingredients

      Ocean Plastics

      Dive into Fundaes – they're whipped up with Ocean Saving post-consumer recycled plastics! The United Nations sends out a wake-up call: by 2050, our oceans could be overrun with plastic rather than fish unless we make a splash with change! Be part of the solution. Invest in our planet's future with Stilettos from the Sand.! 🌊🐟♻️

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      Recycled Materials

      Vegan vibes all the way! If we can't find fully vegan goodies, recycled leathers are Earth's heroes against virgin plastics. Watch out for plastic posers! Stick to plant-based or recycled materials for the win. 🌱♻️

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      Stand For Something

      What's Your Style?

      Shoes embody individual spirit. Let your shoes speak for you as you confidently rock your personal brand.

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      Choose Your Cone

      Pick your Cone. Your chosen pedestal tells your unique story. Strut proudly!

      Pick A Flavor

      Pick ingredients that set you apart—worldly spices and sweetness. Only the best from Mother Nature for you. What colors helps you shine your brightest?

      Pick An Ingredient

      Select ingredients. Those worldly spices and sweetness that make you one of a kind. Yeah, we have only the best ingredients from Mother Nature too.

      Load Up On Toppings

      Sprinkle As Many Toppings As You Want to Create Unique Limitless Looks.

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      Paired With Toppings- Best for grabbing the latest looks on the fly and still being fly! Our colorists, stylists, and fashionistas use their fashion talents and intuitive sense of color to scoop the perfect toppings on a variety of styles for you to easily click, buy and rock to your own beat and feet. No more feeling like a drip. Lick that to the Curb and load up on A La Mode Hassle Free High Fashion with fresh Looks Coming to You Each Month To Be Trendsetter.

      Shop À La Carte

      Fun and Easy as making an Ice Cream Sundae. A Treat for your Feet! Feed that Inner Designer and curate your own look. Our hybrid bespoke model provides a variety of classic and modern styles that you can choose your cone/heel, flavor/color and then top her off with plenty of toppings for your custom limitless looks!