Oh What FUN It Is To GIVE - Gift Card

Oh What FUN It Is To GIVE - Gift Card

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Give The Gift Every Girl Truly Wants…SHOES! 

Let the lady in your life be the designer and celebrate her shine! She can choose her timeless eco-chic style, cone, flavor, and topping that makes her feel her most confident and beautiful. Invest in her with one shoe that creates limitless looks with Fundae’s interchangeable toppings. The gift that keeps giving by freshening her look for each occasion and season. Plus each pair gives back to women in need. Fundae is on a mission to heel and heal. Bring the FUN back to fashion and gift giving. Make her special day a Fundae! Oh what FUN it is to GIVE! Soles Uplifting Souls

How much FUN do you want to give?

Stand For Something

What's Your Style?

Shoes embody individual spirit. Let your shoes speak for you as you confidently rock your personal brand.

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Choose Your Cone

Pick your Cone. Your chosen pedestal tells your unique story. Strut proudly!

Pick A Flavor

Pick ingredients that set you apart—worldly spices and sweetness. Only the best from Mother Nature for you. What colors helps you shine your brightest?

Pick An Ingredient

Select ingredients. Those worldly spices and sweetness that make you one of a kind. Yeah, we have only the best ingredients from Mother Nature too.

Load Up On Toppings

Sprinkle As Many Toppings As You Want to Create Unique Limitless Looks.