Eco-Bio Friendly

Planet Positive

Sustainably IMPACTFUL Materials
Positive Global IMPRINT

Founded on sustainable beliefs, we take seriously and choose carefully every ingredient in all of our products.
Each pair of Fundae Soles provides multi-use, interchangeable and reusable looks per pair.
Seeking to cut down on consumption which will help eliminate fast fashion waste and appeal to socially conscious consumers.

Eco Chic Ingredients

Food for Your Feet…….Good Enough to Eat… Well Almost. Fundaes are Truly Vegan…as in Made from Vegetables! Rooted in the highest quality bio-based materials on the market today. The majority of Fundaes are made from Corn, Wine Grapes and Cork. If plants weren't an option, we sourced plastics from recycled post-consumer single-use food containers and water bottles retrieved to protect the oceans. If it was safe enough for food, it’s safe for your feet. And saving your flippers too!

Our Soles

Signature Silver Spoon Sole-Made from Recycled Plastics with a Dash of Metal sourced locally in Italy from  Luxury Automotive Parts. Fundae Soles are Ecological, Eco-Sustainable, Eco-Chic and Everlasting. You won’t need to resole.  100% Recycled and Recyclable Soles.

Shoe Uppers

Made from Plants! Every single shoe in Fundae’s collection are made from 70-90% Earth friendly ingredients.  Primarily made from plants such as corn, wine grapes and cork. Fabrics are all recycled mostly from post-consumer plastics retrieved water bottles to save our oceans.


Magic Magnetic & Metal. Earth is actually a very large magnet! Using Mother Earth’s properties we can work together to protect our planet. Fundae put  the power of magnets to work by freshening up and repurpose our shoes with our patent-pending interchangeable accessory system, Reuse Your Shoe with the latest looks, further helping reduce fashion waste. Be magnetic and limitless! 

Heels are metallic painted recycled plastic with plastic tips. Metal hardware is nickel free.


Inherently sustainable in design to mix and match and consume less when you invest in a few base pairs and share your toppings across all styles. Toppings require significantly less production, less waste and emissions, less carbon in transport and prevent waste!  Primarily made from deadstock fabric or scraps from our factories and partners. Exact ingredients will vary as you mix and match our upcycled collections. We love a little element of surprise and individuality, so we’ve created Fun of a Kinds in an effort for no scraps to  go unused and inspire the circular fashion economy. 

The world’s only *Patent-Pending Multi-Use Shoe & Accessory System. One Pair, Limitless Looks!  Interchanging your looks makes it easy and sleek to be green! Be a force of good! Look good, do good and feel good!


If Life Gives You Lemons, Make A Shoe Box Out Of The Pulp And Fill It With Shoes! Well that’s what we did!
You didn’t think we’d go this far on sustainability for the shoes and not care about the packaging, did you?

Careful time and attention went into choosing our reusable, and earth friendly box. We hope you keep it and reuse it. Maybe some FUN memories or toppings for your nights on the town.
If you see plastic, that is from our friends at Sway and their carbon positive

Either way, if you toss it, Mother Nature will be ok.